The good health and well-being of every dancer, dance family, and staff member is of supreme importance. We cannot dance together if our bodies are not healthy and our environment is not safe. Beachfront Dance School has always made every effort to provide a clean, comfortable facility.

At the time of registration, signed agreement with all policies and procedures, particularly these related to health and safety, are required for participation. Protocols may be modified and/or discontinued at any time. Communications will be posted in the studio and sent via all usual methods that detail current protocols.


To help minimize exposure to communicable illness, our studio has been professionally cleaned by a service whose staff is particularly attentive to our needs. With children and families in mind, our cleaning crew uses nontoxic, hospital-grade products that disinfect and sanitize the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch. Our teachers and administrative team also work to further maintain the cleanliness of the studio by following a defined cleaning protocol before, between, and after classes. We have also installed air purifiers with special HVAC filters that are designed to filter pollutants or contaminants out of the air that passes thru them.  This air cleaning and filtration system can help reduce airborne contaminants, including particles containing viruses.


In the interest of reducing the spread of COVID-19, we evaluate dancer health prior to entry. Staff members are strongly encourage to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and evaluated regularly, as are contractors and other personnel doing business within the studio. By entering our facility, staff, contractors, students, and family members attest that they have no symptoms of a communicable illness (including COVID, seasonal flu, the common cold, strep, stomach virus, and other illnesses which can be contagious) and that they have no immediate household family members with symptoms of a communicable illness.

Those who enter the studio deemed to have symptoms of a communicable illness will be asked to leave and return when they are well. Testing that confirms wellness may be required.

Time in the studio may be adjusted to accommodate entry/exit procedures. Entry protocols may be modified or discontinued as the threat of communicable illness is reduced.


The studio may limit the number of people inside the building to only essential staff. Dance floor space will be limited to a specific number of students. Students in the studio will have their own social distance space. The water fountain may be inaccessible. Beachfront Dance School will clearly communicate capacity limits and amenity availability as concerns and requirements change.


All staff members, contractors, students, and family members will be required to wash hands and use hand sanitizer upon entry and periodically while in the building. Beachfront Dance School encourages the use of tissue, coughing into one’s elbow, and customary wellness practices.

Although masking is optional in our state, we are still requiring are staff members and students to wear masks. We recommend, that dancers wear mask that are breathable and suitable for exercise.

Beachfront Dance School will provide tissue, hand soap, and hand sanitizer. Students may use their own products. Those who use tissue, hand soap, and sanitizer provided by Beachfront Dance School accept the risks associated with the use of such products and will hold the studio harmless.


Beachfront Dance School will require the following from dancers of all ages:

• Only necessary items should be brought into the studio (i.e. dance shoes, water bottle, hand sanitizer, tissue, towel, etc.). No soccer gear, personal clothing for the sleepover later, or other extra items should come into the studio, for instance.

• Water bottles must contain clear liquids only and have a lid that closes tightly which can be easily opened and closed by a child.

• The dancer’s name should be CLEARLY MARKED on all items. A bag tag MUST be attached to the outside of all dance bags so the student’s name can be easily found.

• All dancers MUST be able to go to the bathroom independentlywithout help undressingdressing, doing the paperwork, and washing hands. Specific accommodations will be made and communicated for toddler dancers and their parents.

• Dancers may only bring in food if they have health concerns that require frequent meals (i.e. blood sugar issues). Food may only be consumed in the front room, and social distancing should be observed.

• Items left behind in the studio will be kept for one (1) week. After one week, items will be discarded or donated.

• Students will be required to enter/exit the studio, wait for class, and store items in an organized way prescribed by Beachfront Dance School that encourages wellness and minimizes exposure to illness. All requirements MUST be followed. Students who do not follow the rules will be counseled, the issue will be discussed with parents, and he/she may be ultimately asked to leave the studio after repeated failure to follow the rules.


Beachfront Dance School will offer hybrid dance classes, a combination of in-person and virtual classes, this season. All classes, regardless of them being in-person, will be given a permanent Zoom link during registration. In the event of a government/community shutdown, quarantine, or other unforeseen circumstances, the studio will conduct virtual classes exclusively. Virtual class details and requirements will be clearly communicated at the time of registration and throughout the season.