Beachfront Dance School

Ballet 5 (15-18 year olds)

Pre-Professional ballet technique, partnering, advanced pointe work. Open to continuing Ballet 4 students and new students through class audition. 6-8 full years of classical ballet training (not including Pre-Ballet levels) required. Workshops and summer intensive are required to reach either a professional and/or collegiate dance career. Mature dancers may explore student teaching at this level.

Class Attire

  • Girls are required to tie or pin back their hair away from the face.
  • All ballet class students must wear black leotards, pink tights and pink shoes
  • All Jazz and Tap students must wear black leotards, black jazz or tap shoes        and jazz pants.
  • All Modern students must wear black leotards   and jazz pants.
  • All male dancers must wear white T-shirts Black ballet shoes and black        sweat pants.
  • If a dancer is not in proper attire, the dancer will be asked to sit and watch        class. Not having the proper attire can cause injury, and observing is another        form of learning.