Miss./Mr. Beachfront

Every year one dancer from the Beachfront Dance School is crowned Miss./Mr. Beachfront at the Spring Performance. Below is how a dancer achieves this title:

  • Always dress right
  • He/She must be nice to everyone, "treat other dancers like you want to be treated"
  • He/She practices what they have learned in class at home
  • He/She makes up classes that they have missed
  • He/She is rarely late and if they are late they quickly get into class and start working
  • He/She encourages others to do their best
  • She always has her hair in a bun or pulled away from the face
  • He/She does not complain when asked to work in class
  • He/She is very obedient
  • He/She does not hang on the barre
  • He/She participates in most school fundraisers

Will we will crown a new Miss./Mr. Beachfront at the June 2017 Performance?

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