The Safeguard Program is a scholarship for underserved children. If you are interested in sponsoring a child or would like information on how to become a recipient, please contact Beachfront's director.


Tutorial sessions are offered Tuesday - Friday between 4 PM -7 PM and Saturday 9PM-12PM. All tutoring session are by appointment only. Please pick up forms in office.


A dancer wants to find a cure for cancer by becoming a physician, but she has a long time to wait. Therefore she decided she could start by selling bracelets. Did you know that every cancer is represented by a color? You can order a bracelet that represents a cancer you want to cure. The bracelets are $1.00 and the proceeds are sent to the American Cancer Society. Give your order to any dancer at Beachfront and they will be happy to make it in the color of the cancer you want to cure.

Cancer Awareness Colors
Yellow-bladder cancer * Grey-Brain Cancer * Pink-Breast Cancer * White-Cervical Cancer * Gold-Childhood Cancers * Dark Blue-Colon Cancer * Kelly Green-Kidney Cancer * Orange-Leukemia * Clear-Lung Cancer * Lime Green-Lymphoma *Black-Melanoma * Burgundy-Multiple Myeloma * Teal-Ovarian * Purple-Pancreatic Cancer * Blue-Prostate Cancer * Light Yellow-Sacroma/Bone * Peach-Uterine Cancer